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Our products

  • Contour cutting

    Full automatic cutting solution for single ply cutters

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  • TIS Thread Inspection System

    The TIS is an end out detector for tufting machines.

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  • PDS Pile detection system

    The PDS scans for missing piles in gripper looms.

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  • Laundry inspection system

    The laundry inspection sysetm checks for stains and defects in laundry

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  • MAS multi array scanner

    Our unique MAS can also be ordered to develop your own vision systems

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MAS Multi Array Scanner


The MAS (multi array scanner) is Matrix┬┤ unique scanner; it consists of multiple 2D cameras (up to 64) that are combined to get a single scan-line or image. As it is a modular system of sections of 320mm the MAS can be ordered in lengths ranging from 320 mm to more than 5 meter.

MAS features:

- The scanner housing is made of black anodised aluminium profiles and has a coated glass window.
- The output of the scanner is software processed to create a frame.
- The electronics of the scanner consists of 1 up to and including 16 modules, every module can have 1, 2 or 4 cameras.
- Every camera can be equipped with a 10, 12, 16, 25, 35 or 50mm lens. Possibly with an application specific filter.
- The data handling of every camera is controlled by a FPGA, this is also used for preprocessing the pixels, available are Bayer color and 3-d processing. Custom made adaption is possible.
- All modules in a scanner must have the same configuration.
- The scan width (this depends on the number of modules inside) is from 32 up to and including 512cm.
- The number of cameras inside is 1 up to and including 64.
- The scanner is available in B/W and color.
- To the scanner belongs a PCI or PCIe interface, with advanced driver software. A Halcon ( interface is available
- The pixel transfer rate is 20 or 40 MHz.

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