Vision in industrial automation since 1982

About Matrix

Ingenieursbureau Matrix began in 1978 as a micro-electronic development- en production company. Since 1985 it is located in the Business & Science park in Enschede, The Netherlands, close to University of Twente. After years of developing and producing products for third parties Matrix also started to develop it's own products. In 1982 Matrix already developed it's first Line-scan camera and developed it's first vision applications.

Over the years machine vision has become an important part of Matrix' business, this resulted in the development of inspection systems for the textile industry. First the PDS (Pile Detection System) for gripper looms and later the TIS (Thread Inspection System) for tufting machines. In 2003 Matrix developed the first vision system for a conveyorized Gerber cutter. To vision system was used to automatically cut walk-off mats and since then Matrix sold more than 30 systems for Gerber cutters and coƶperated with Gerber Scientific.

In 2005 Matrix released the MAS (Multi Array Scanner), a hi-resolution multiarray scanner that consists of multiple 2D cameras in one housing. Most Matrix solutions are build using this new scanner and also old systems like the PDS and TIS are now using the MAS. `

Our History

1978 - Matrix was founded on the 1st of October.

1982 - First line scan camera system.

1986 - Wheelchair control system

1987 - PDS Pile detection system

1990 - TIS Thread detection system

1993 - Development and production of neuro-fysiological measurement equipment

2003 - First vision system on a conveyorized Gerber cutter.

2005 - Launch of Matrix' Multi Array Scanner

2012 - Launch of Matrix' Laundry Inspection System